Around these technologies, we will offer services such as

  • Developing and maintaining applications to enable companies to leverage these technologies and excel in their businesses.
  • Help companies build or migrate their products and platforms.
  • Run their infrastructure in a secure and cost-effective way We will also develop differentiating solutions leveraging these disruptive technologies.

We are hiring

  • Application developers and Architects for the development and maintenance of solutions in these technology areas.
  • Product engineering specialists with experience building and supporting robust and scalable software products and SaaS solutions
  • Testing professionals – black box, white box, non-functional, especially addressing the nuances such as cloud, social computing etc.
  • Solutions specialists for applying disruptive tech in biz processes.
  • Infrastructure professionals with exposure to the cloud, hosting, remote monitoring.
  • Security professionals in application and infrastructure security areas
  • Business analysts and consultants: domain or functional consultants in the areas of e-Commerce, CRM, Supply Chain, etc. Should have at least 7 plus years of experience in a leading consulting firm or IT company.

These requirements are for our technology practices such as:

  • Analytics Business Intelligence
  • Cloud Computing
  • Web Technologies – Java, Microsoft, and Open Source
  • Social Computing
  • Testing
  • Infrastructure Management and Security
  • Mobility
  • Unified Communication

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