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2135 City Gate Ln Ste 319, Naperville, IL 60563
2135 City Gate Ln Ste 319, Naperville, IL 60563

Our electronic traffic court suite facilitates Courts to conduct their traffic courts 100% electronic. Minor Traffic violators check-in using a self-check-in Kiosk and Case Management System facilitates the Call to be managed in the sequence that the defendants have checked in. Traffic Court App allows the Prosecutors and Judges to prepare their order and sign the order electronically. The defendant will be provided with an opportunity to verify their final fine amounts before the judge signs their final conviction. Current Suite supports Illinois Compiled Statutes and Criminal Assessment Act Scedules. TV Monitors will also be displayed within the Courtrooms to let the defendants know that their case is up next.

Without any paper handling this provides the fastest method of running the Traffic Court Business while keeping the accuracy at best.

“We are proud partners of Conscisy Corp and collaborates work with them hand in hand.”

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